Product Upgrade Release – 300 and 500 Watt CO2 Laser

500 Watt CO2 Laser

At Kern Technologies we have always strived to improve the product performance and reliability of our lasers. Since the 2016 product release of our KT250 – 250 watt CO2 laser and KT400 – 400 watt CO2 laser, we have continued to do just this. Recently, some key upgrades to the laser RF power supply helped to improve our overall conversion efficiencies from laser DC input current to laser output power. This significant development along with overall improvements to the laser build and assembly process has yielded such high laser power outputs over rated power, that there was a natural need to increase the warranted power on our KT250 and KT400 laser models. The renaming of the laser model names is reflected below.

Previous Model – DescriptionNew Model – Description
KT250 – 250 Watt Sealed 10.6μm CO2 LaserKT300 – 300 Watt Sealed 10.6μm CO2 Laser
KT400 – 400 Watt Sealed 10.6μm CO2 LaserKT500 – 500 Watt Sealed 10.6μm CO2 Laser

These changes best represent the performance of the lasers and will help establish standard power ratings for future laser models. Along with the updates to the model names, the following laser characteristics have improved for the KT300 and KT500 CO2 lasers:

  • Typical output power 30% above rated power
  • 10-20% increase in peak power
  • Near perfect mode quality
  • 30 and 50 microsecond rise and fall times respectively, improved upon from 60 microseconds

These improvements have made for increased processing speed and provided better edge quality in a variety of different existing applications, plus the ability to meet new applications, including to cut thicker material. The overall footprints and utilities of the lasers have remained unchanged, which will make for easy integration when customers upgrade to the new laser model drop-in replacements.

Our product portfolio now consists of 100, 150, 200, 300, 500 and 650 watt CO2 lasers. Contact [email protected] for inquiries.